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Serving Historic Downtown Prescott
Ride Prescott


Our Online Reservation System

  1. Preselect your dates you wish to drive, and have those handy.
  2. Shift Categories are by:
    1. Month/Holiday
    2. AM or PM
    3. Sun-Thur or Fri-Sat
    4. Cart (Cherry Bomb or Betty Boop)
  3. Find your shift, click "Reserve"
  4. Click the appropriate date on the calendar.
  5. Complete reservation (appointment.)

You will receive an email confirming your time that serves as your receipt.  Please note the Gateway UTV is slightly more expensive due to the longer conversation opportunities you will have with guests.  Questions should be emailed to  **If you receive an error message "Sorry, something went wrong.  Please try again later." please let us know by email asap!  Thanks!