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Ride Prescott

We're all in this together....

Like you, the Covid-19 pandemic has left us shaken.  We have the resources to commit to a full season, and have adjusted our pricing to rock bottom in order to get the word out about YOU, the local businesses we serve.  We may not be able to predict this summer season, but we look forward to promoting and serving you!

Promotional & Advertising Opportunities

SOLD -Back Panel

Basic Promotion $29/month

Basic Promotion $29/month


Thumb Butte Medical Center has taken the back panel for the entire season - and in doing so guarantees Ride will ride all summer long in Prescott!

Basic Promotion $29/month

Basic Promotion $29/month

Basic Promotion $29/month


Be featured on our kiosk's "Local Recommendations" feature - which over a 1000 visitors visited while browsing the app at local hotels and the Chamber!

$29/month for 6 months

Get on the Map $69/month

Basic Promotion $29/month

Ride Promotions $99/month


Want to be listed on the map we're having 50,000 distributed of, in addition to being handed out to every rider?

1" x3" listing

$69/month for 6 months

PLUS be listed in Local Recommendations 

Ride Promotions $99/month

Side Advertising $129/month

Ride Promotions $99/month


 Want to make a lasting impression? Do a giveaway on the cart! This promotion allows you to do a item giveaway or a one day ride along to promote your sale/product every month.

$99/month for 6 months

PLUS be listed in Local Recommendations AND receive a 1"x3" Map listing! 

Side Advertising $129/month

Side Advertising $129/month

Side Advertising $129/month


Our new life-sized side panels feature up to 6 businesses per panel!  In addition, you'll have premium 3"x3" ad placement on the interior of our new map.

$129/month for 6 months

PLUS be listed in Local Recommendations AND receive a 3"x3" Map listing! 

*only 11 available*

Cart Sponsor $199/month

Side Advertising $129/month

Side Advertising $129/month


Bold, upfront and SEEN!

This large graphic is up to 20" across and  14" tall on the hood of the cart.  As a Cart Sponsor, you'll receive a 3"x3" map ad, in addition to being featured on our website home page, local recommendations on our kiosk and website, plus ride promotions.  This one has all the bells and whistles!

$199/month for 6 months

Pay securely online

Benefits of cart promotions & advertising

One-to-One Marketing

In an age we can easily look past advertising, Ride personally reminds your customer that local businesses are the heartbeat of a community.

Advertising to fit YOUR Budget

For as little as $29 a month you can support a service that benefits every small business in the community while promoting your own!  We‘re billing monthly to help stretch your budget further!

Proven Results

It's our third full season in Prescott; our realtors had several MILLION in closed sales from leads they got off our carts!  Visitors have come to rely on our free service, and count on our drivers for local advice.


Ride is designed to be a Win/Win/Win proposition - the visitor benefits from the community collaboration that makes this possible, the businesses win with more customers through their door, our drivers (local volunteers from Habitat for Humanity and local Realtors) win through better exposure.

promote and advertise with us!

Find out how Ride can market for you.

Season Details

Ride Prescott, LLC will promote your business as described in promotion/advertising listing. Our Ad Cart will run all weekends (Friday - Sunday) 5/22/20 - 10/31/20.  The Ad Cart will run daily from 10am - 6pm, seven days a week, 6/26/20 - 9/7/20. An additional cart will be utilized for Puzzle Rides, Ride Experiences and evening Services.  Your first month cost is prorated.   Agreements are for the full season and non-cancelable.