Promotional & Advertising Opportunities

Cart Sponsor

Bold, upfront and SEEN!

This large graphic is up to 20" across and  14" tall on the hood of the cart.  As a Cart Sponsor, all drivers will be required to wear YOUR LOGO on the back of their Ride Prescott t-shirt.

$2450 for 28 week 2019 season

Side Advertising

One cart, two carts, one side, two sides?  You pick EXACTLY where and how many times people will see your logo!  

Prices start at $249 per 4.5" square for

 28 week 2019 season

Back Panel Promotion

The back of our carts are perfect for a week long promotion of your event! The 30x36 back panel easily reaches every driver in Downtown Prescott.

$249, exterior 30x36 for one cart

$449, exterior 30x36 for two carts

Prices are for one week

Interior Promotion

This interior spot targets the riders onboard.

$149, interior 30x14 for one cart

$249, interior 30x14 for two carts

Prices are for one week

Ride Promotions

 Want to make a lasting impression? Do a giveaway on the cart! Your promotional giveaways will be enjoyed by riders - who literally will take your business home with them.  Your business will also be "on the map!" that's handed to every rider.

$495 for 28 week 2019 season

Get on the Map

Want to be listed on the map we hand out to every rider?  Get found easily with this inexpensive promotion!

$196 for 28 week 2019 season

Benefits of cart promotions & advertising

One-to-One Marketing

In an age we can easily look past advertising, Ride personally reminds your customer that local businesses are the heartbeat of a community.

Advertising to fit YOUR Budget

For as little as $49 a month you can support a service that benefits every small business in the community.  Want people to come to your business that might not otherwise? Become a pick up location!  Not only are your customers served, but new ones will seek you out simply for the Ride!


Ride is designed to be a Win/Win/Win proposition - the visitor benefits from the community collaboration that makes this possible, the businesses win with more customers through their door, our drivers win through better exposure.

promote and advertise with us!

Find out how Ride can market for you.

Season Details

Ride Prescott, LLC will promote your business as described in promotion/advertising listing. A minimum of one cart will run all weekends (Friday - Sunday) 4/26/19 - 10/31/19.  A minimum of one cart will run daily from 10am - 6pm, seven days a week, 5/30/19 - 9/2/19, with two carts running Friday-Sunday Morning during this time.   An additional cart may also be utilized for early morning and late night rides, including Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights June - August.  Your first month cost is prorated.   Agreements are for full the season and non-cancelable.